Sovereign Foods' range of products have been developed for their ease of preparation, consistently high quality and enhanced storage requirements.

The introduction of our sterilised process in 2009 has been a great success in the food service sector, giving caterers and Wholesalers easy storage whilst still maintaining a 12 month shelf life.

We currently supply products into several leading retailers, caterers and food manufacturers within the UK and more recently Australia. We are constantly developing our business through investments in people, products, premises and processes.

Apricot Halves
Baked Beans
Bamboo shoot halves
Black eye beans
Butter beans
Chicken sausage
Chick peas
Classic coffee
Coconut milk
Fruit cocktail
Green peas
Light flakes tuna
Mango slices
Mixed vegetables
Pear halves
Pineapple slice
Red cherries
Red kidney beans
Whole kernal sweet corn
Whole young corn
Yellow peach halves

Food Fortification

Sovereign Foods is dedicated to combating hidden hunger - malnutrition often unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Hidden hunger leads to micronutrient deficiencies which can cause brain damage, night blindness, and risk of death in childbirth. This could cause long-lasting and devastating consequences. As a result of hidden hunger, children are unable to learn and reach their full potential while adults are less productive. This is why Sovereign Foods has identified hidden hunger as a global threat.

As a part of our efforts to combat malnutrition, we produce fortified food products. Food fortification entails adding vitamins or minerals to commonly eaten foods. Sovereign Foods fortifies staple foods and beverages, keeping in mind localised taste preferences and using World Food Program approves micronutrients.

Food Fortification